Family Gathering

Hi Family,

I wanted to help prepare us for the adventure the is ahead of us. The adventure includes how we might be connecting with one another in a time when gathering in person has a unique set of restrictions and constraints.

I believe we are being led to see the new ways we can connect in community in this season. This is a time where we can reimagine and envision new ways of gathering together as the Spirit of Sonship grows within us.

As we all know, it was about 6 months ago, in early March, when we were all last together corporately. We were already less than formal, and if you recall, we were beginning to hear the Spirit whisper that things were changing.

These past 6 months have been a creative gift to our community. Many have been discovering how life flows uniquely for them and as a result  all sorts of new gatherings and ways to connect have emerged without a Sunday centric gathering.

Our community has pioneered a variety of way to connect from home gatherings, cohorts, backyard fires, garage hangouts, walking partners, family times, a multitude of on-line expressions (all within Covid guidelines). Many have found that life is flowing in these connections, and I suspect many of these will continue, and evolve as we continue to follow where the life is flowing.

I also suspect, some amongst us are truly missing our Sunday expressions. I know I am.

Recently, some have asked when/if we might do a time of corporate worship in spite of the other ways of connecting. The short answer would be…yes, we will be.

However, a longer answer is needed…

This Sunday we will have a family gathering via Zoom from 11:00am - 12:00pm. A few of us will be sharing where we sense the Spirit leading us during this time. We will have a time of question and response, where we as a family can ask questions and hear together.