Hearing God's Voice Information Call with Rob Stobbe

I felt the earthquake shake my condo on Tuesday! That was a weird feeling in my physical world that made me think of the "shaking" that is also happening in our spiritual realm. With everything changing in our world it's nice to have a Heavenly Father that doesn't change! A Papa that welcomes us up onto His knee to whisper His gentle words into our hearts, to comfort us, heal us and reveal Himself and his plans for us!!

If you are having trouble in these days, hearing His whispers or are struggling to tune the ears of your heart to His voice or maybe you are longing to experience the sound of His voice clearly and personally for the first time in YOUR heart. I'd love to get together and talk, to hear your stories, share mine and answer any questions I can. If you like, we could then build a "place" where we can learn to better hear his voice individually, together as a family and where we can also listen for each other.

Join me on one or all of the following zoom calls so we can chat and make a plan for the next steps ahead together!

Friday April 3rd at 18:00

Saturday April 4th at 10:00

Sunday April 5th at 20:00

To join the zoom calls please click here.

I look forward to going on an adventure with you all.

- Rob S