It's Another Backyard Gathering! Sept 12, 2021

Hi everyone!

Yup, it's September! Some leaves are turning colour; school is back in and many are back from vacations or visiting friends and family. Lets let's take an afternoon to hang out together catch up, and connect.


2:00PM - 6:00PM at the Shankland Shire (see below for address and important parking information)

Bring the whole family! And lawn chairs if you'd like to sit somewhere other than the grass. Bring a snack or finger food of sorts to share and cold beverages will be provided. We won't have a full on meal together at this time, but feel free to connect with each other (somewhere else) to do so after 6.

Ok. the all important address and parking info:

Please park on the road (and not the driveway) ensuring you are not blocking any neighbours. Easy!

The address is: 7119 Bow Cres NW

Looking forward to seeing you there! And many thanks for hosting, Barrie, Jenna and fam!

I am joining from my desktop/laptop/mobile device through the app...

Great! Click the button above. It will automatically connect to the meeting and you will start off muted. Please unmute yourself if you want to talk.

I want to just phone in...

Cool. You can do that too.
Call: +1 587 328 1099.
For the meeting, ID enter 479-660-425.

Or, if you want to one-tap  (where you just have to click one thing to call in on your phone),
Click this: +1-587-328-1099,,479660425#

It will automatically call in and enter the passcode for you.