Men's Conversations Continuing on Zoom

Lance once again.

We finished our series with Wild at Heart and there was a bunch of us that wanted to continue the conversations we were having into the foreseeable future. There have been some amazing connection times and last week was my personal favourite - talking about the adventure of sonship. It was awesome to hear the real heart-processing going on in each of you and what you have been walking out with God. We will discuss as a group what our conversations will revolve around but I'm sure the theme will continue roughly around masculinity, sonship and being Fathered by God.

We will meet at 8 pm on zoom
(note earlier start time). There is nothing to do to come prepared - but just come with an open heart to share with your brothers. I am committed to hosting until the last Thursday of June, at which time we will discuss with the group if and how to continue through the summer. And depending on COVID restrictions easing, we can actually plan to meet up when allowed.

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