Prayer for Families (and especially kids)

The kiddos in our midst are such a gift.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we have been in a time of transition, and we know that the way things were will not be how they will be. We are officially stepping into the unknown.

Some of the questions that have come up:

  • What does it look like to equip, pray for, cover the kiddos in our midst?
  • How do we engage with the kids when we gather corporately?
  • How do we have fun together?
  • How do we equip families to raise their children in this season?
  • What does it look like to step into multigenerational blessing?
  • What kind of spaces do we facilitate where kids and families can flourish and grow?

Most of all, we want to listen together for what our heavenly Father is saying.

So please, anyone who has a heart for families or kids. Whether you have them or not, YOU ARE WELCOME!

Depending on how many people join the zoom call we'll figure out the best way to join in prayer together.

I am joining from my desktop/laptop/mobile device through the app...

Great! Click the button above. It will automatically connect to the meeting and you will start off muted. Please unmute yourself if you want to talk.

I want to just phone in...

Cool. You can do that too.
Call: +1 587 328 1099.
For the meeting, ID enter 479-660-425.

Or, if you want to one-tap  (where you just have to click one thing to call in on your phone),
Click this: +1-587-328-1099,,479660425#

It will automatically call in and enter the passcode for you.