The Well

In John 4, we see Jesus meet the samaritan woman at the well, surprising her in the midst of her circumstances by offering her living water. Jesus goes on to explain that whoever drinks what He offers will never go thirsty again, but the water He gives will become… “in them a spring of water, welling up to eternal life.”

We can all speak to the need for refreshment that never runs out, never more so than during a pandemic. Our church family believes in the power of prophecy and prayer, and also that we have been given authority to pray and speak into one another’s lives (listening to Holy Spirit).

Welcome to The Well - our prayer space. It is a place to come and receive refreshment, counsel, encouragement, healing, and restoration!

Are you looking for prayer? One of our Prayer Team members will be matched with you and everything that is discussed is entirely confidential.

During Covid-19 distancing guidelines this will be held virtually through Zoom.  Starting May 21st, we invite you to log and join us every Thursday between 12:00pm and 1:00pm.