UChurch Prayer & Prophetic Rooms - Online

We are all experiencing a unique season with Covid-19. With so many things cancelled or unable to happen, there are also so many new unique opportunities to create ways to connect with friends, family or groups online, through FaceTime or phone calls.

At UChurch, to the best of our abilities, we would like to continue on with the things that we normally do, just in different ways, i.e., Sunday Celebration, intercession, prayer, small groups, etc. by offering them in different ways online.

We would also like to offer our Prayer Team to pray and prophesy with  people online. We get this may be a little different, but hey, we are going to give it a try!

Instead of following the Sunday Celebration, we are creating an opportunity for one hour, midweek, during the daytime. If you choose to join us on Zoom, you will be matched with one of our trusted Prayer Team members and given a private breakout room for prayer.