Women’s Zoom Night

As many of you know we had to cancel our women’s night with Jen Reding in March. These times have indeed been strange but there is life flowing in with sweetest of places.
We are excited to come together over zoom for an evening with Jen as she shares on Freedom from Shame.

Like many issues of our hearts shame can stay hidden, pushed down in our subconscious, rearing its ugly head in various forms in ways we don’t recognize.
I walked in shame for many years, hiding behind a facade because I was afraid if people knew my past then I would be dismissed and judged as a lost cause.

Dispelling shame allows us to walk into new levels of freedom as sons and daughters.

One of my favourite things when gathering people is creating an inviting atmosphere. Because we can’t physically get together I encourage you to create the space before you enter in. Ask hubbies for the night off, find a cozy place in your house, dim the lights, light a candle and grab a cup of tea (or whatever is relaxing for you) and enjoy your time during our virtual women’s night!

I would also encourage you to take that step to join in and be apart of community. Whether you are older or younger, in ministry or not, married, single, or divorced, student or professional.

You are all welcome and equally valuable. Life happens when we come together!

*Please remember to download the UChurch app for the Zoom Password*