We believe that God speaks through each of us in powerful, creative and unique ways, and we would love to hear from you! We want to open the floor so that you have the opportunity to share what He is speaking; our heart is that this space becomes an online version of an open mic night!

Looking to contribute to the website?

If you want to submit a piece of personal writing (poetry, article, song lyrics, devotional etc.), artwork, photography, video (song, dance, poetry, etc.), we ask that you read through the following guidelines and make sure it fits with the heart of this space before submitting.

  1. Is this addressing the question: What is God doing in our midst? Or pushing us closer towards revelation from God? (We love fun photos & videos as much as anyone, but our heart for this website is to share messages that God is speaking to our community).
  2. Is this a personal or corporate message? Since our website is open to anyone, please consider whether or not you feel your message is just for you, or if it’s meant to be shared with the entire body of Christ (and not just the people you know in UChurch). Our heart is to share media that we feel God is speaking to His children - both globally and locally!
  3. Is your message succinct? In order to respect our editor’s and reader’s time, we ask you to keep written media to roughly 500 words. For video or audio, we recommend a maximum of 5 minutes. If you have questions about a particular form of media, please contact us.
  4. Does your message make sense? Double check your submissions before sending them! Do you have a main point? Are your thoughts coherent to everyone besides yourself? (We recommend having a close friend preview your work).
  5. Are you ok with your work being edited? We want this site to showcase the best we have to offer – and that usually requires our work to be read and re-read by our team of editors. We never set out to change the message you’re sharing, but we may make some adjustments in order to keep it clear and exciting for everyone to engage with! *This applies primarily to written work, but if your submission requires some edits we may send it back with some suggestions!
  6. Are you ok with putting your name with your submission? We love that everyone gets credit for their own project - at this point in time anonymous submissions won’t be accepted.

Thanks for reading. If you’ve gone through all the steps please click the button to send your work!