Sunday Celebration

You found us! Join us here for our 2 part virtual gathering. No need for Facebook accounts or any other type of social media. You can join from any desktop/laptop or smart device. The video will begin at 11AM, and community gathering at noon.

(New: Today's celebration will be live, hosted on this website and on Facebook LIVE.
Feel free to join the conversation via Facebook)

Refreshing Sundays

To participate, you must log into ZOOM. You are welcome to join the meeting by clicking the link below. If you cannot attend this week, we will be recording the gathering and posting it later in the week.

Note: If the live-stream does not start for you automatically at this time, please refresh your browser.

Community Virtual
Tic-Tac via Zoom

Let’s hang out face to face!  Join the community chat so we can get our beloved tic-tac-time and so much more. You are welcome to come and go as you please.

This Sunday at 11 AM MST

Note Due to ZOOM's recent security concerns, all meetings require a password. To get your password, please download the UChurch app or sign up to receive emails from us. You will receive the password shortly before the event.

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A new celebration
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Past Celebrations

Living in Revelation Community - Session 1


December 17, 2020

Paul Fitzgerald shares with us from Reding, California. In this podcast, Paul unpacks what it looks like to live in revelatory community, being knit together by the Spirit of God.

Check it out...

Adventure into Sonship: Where Are You?


November 25, 2020

Peter Jackson shares how living in sonship calls us to live vulnerably. As we journey into vulnerability and walk in the light we reveal sin and shame in our lives and encounter God’s love and grace.

Check it out...

Family Celebration - November 22 2020


November 22, 2020

This week our family takes the time to pray for our government leaders and hear from one another. Brant then shares on how all of creation is waiting for the revealing of sons and daughters. He shares on the transition from being a Christian from the head and living as a son in your heart.

Check it out...

Family Celebration - November 15 2020: Who I Am & Who Are You


November 15, 2020

In watching his grandkids grow up, Brant shares about how God has been revealing to him how children just live fully out of who they are before they know any different. This week,

Check it out...

Adventure into Sonship: He Did So I Am


November 11, 2020

Our dear friend Peter Jackson shares with us about living in a place of sheer delight as God’s beloved. He reveals how living in the place of God’s affirmational love free’s us from the opinions of others and self-rejection.

Check it out...

Family Celebration - November 8 2020: Moving into the New


November 8, 2020

In the old testament, the prophets shared about the new thing coming. As we have been pondering the new things, Brant explores what it means to live in the new covenant and new command. He shares how the new thing is not external but instead an internal work of the heart.

Check it out...

Family Celebration - November 1 2020: The Goal of Love


November 1, 2020

What does love look like as it begins unravelling who we are not and revealing who we truly are? Brant shares on the renovation of our hearts where God is setting the foundation of the four levels of love into our lives.

Check it out...

Family Celebration - October 25 2020: Prodigal Love


October 25, 2020

How do we begin to live as true sons living in inheritance, the very nature of the Father? Brant shares what love looks like as it begins flowing out of the uniqueness of your heart. He shares on the transformational prodigal love of the Father that restores all things to us.

Check it out...

Family Celebration September 27 2020


September 27, 2020

Jodie and Brant invite our community into a conversation about current transitions out of the old and into new things. Our community shares how God has been individually and corporately revealing ways of past and things we are hanging on to and what it looks like to move forward into something new.

Check it out...

Family Celebration - September 20 2020


September 20, 2020

Brant and Jodie host a family conversation on what God is doing in our hearts as a collective family. They share on the importance of our community Hearing God's Voice together as we move forward into the new and unknown.

Check it out...