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In-Person Gathetings

Currently, we meet at the Bow Commons, in Bowness, NW. Take a look at the dates below to find out when our next gathering is.

Upcoming Dates

Online Gatherings

When we don't meet in person, we host an online gathering via Zoom that you can always join.

To participate, you must log into Zoom. You are welcome to join the meeting by clicking the link below. If you cannot attend, we record most of the gatherings and post them soon after.

Upcoming Dates

Other Events

There is always something going on in our community. Join us to pray and hang out.

Sometimes it's online, sometimes it's in person. It's all about community. So keep an eye on all events going on...

Past Celebrations

An evening Online with Frank Naea - January 24, 2024


January 24, 2024

Franks opens up about this unlearning and relearning - it will open your heart more for your own adventure with grace, faith and Father. You will fully enjoy this tour through the heart and journey of Frank Naea.

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Possessing Your Inheritance - Jen Reding - May 8th, 2022


May 8, 2022

Possessing your Inheritance

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Family Gathering Sunday - March 20th, 2022


March 20, 2022

How to Stay in peace and Love in the midst of Conflict. He calls us to pray for our enemies. How do we stay in peace and love in the midst of relational issues, or the conflict we see currently in the world around us. Jen also gives us some guidelines for prayer for the situation in Ukraine.

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