The Unraveling Series

A collection of interviews, musings, and revelation of a church on the journey into God’s love

If we asked where God is right now, most would be in agreement that He is in our midst.

Where? How? Why does it look different than the past?

Those questions don’t lend themselves to simple answers. The one thing we know for sure is that God’s heart is being revealed within this community. He is active and living, and He is speaking to our hearts in fresh new ways. It makes sense, then, that a great way to grasp what He is doing within the community is to hear what He is doing within individual hearts.

The dream of this space is to capture some of the stories of our transition: from Egypt to the Wilderness, and finally to the Promised Land. From Orphans to Sons. From religion to relationship with God.

Each of you has your own journey with God, but we also are on a journey together as a family. Our hope is that sharing our own stories will break down barriers of isolation and loneliness on the voyage. Our prayer is that reading these stories will unify us, excite us, and continue to push us closer to the arms of a loving Father.

See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.
Isaiah 43:19

In celebration of the new things God is doing in our midst, we are also doing something new!

Featuring our very own community members, these stories will inspire and ignite hope, so pay close attention and follow along. This journey is not one of isolation and futility - we are heading to greater freedom and love than we have ever known.

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A Spacious Place

with Rob and Ellen Braaten

"Looking back, we just walked through something that would potentially send someone into a bit of a tailspin… It’s windy, the boat is moving, and the waves are crashing. Except now, maybe we aren’t exactly sleeping in the boat, but we aren’t standing right up front in a full-blown panic. We truly believe that it’s going to be alright...”
Join our conversation with Rob and Ellen as they reflect on a year of a pandemic, a sabbatical, and new freedom in their faith.

The Necessity of Reliance

with Brayden Bauer

What does it look like to become fully reliant on our heavenly Father? How can you experience peace in the midst of circumstances that are anything but peaceful? Join our conversation with Brayden as we chat through some of the high’s and low’s of a year in a pandemic.

A Quiet, Gentle Love

with Barb Cox

Hop into our conversation with Barb as she reflects on what 'unbecoming' means to her. We chat about unravelling false identities, meeting God in stillness, and learning the beauty of rest during a global pandemic.

Returning to Our Original Design

with Rachel and Jesse Ward

A chat all about dreaming, kingdom business models, and being designed in love. Join our conversation with Rachel and Jesse about the freedom to live out our original heavenly design, and how a global pandemic has created the space to do just that.

Free to Dream

with Breeana Hogman

Keep reading to hear more about Bree's take on dreaming with God, freedom from anxiety & performance, and what it looks like to walk transition in community.

One Step at a Time

with Caroylnn Saindon

Everything from how God is moving in our community, learning to trust our own hearts, and freedom from performance.

Favour, Hardship & Love

with Doug and Jacquie Mickelson

They share about resting in the love of Father, and their perspective on provision, faith, and healing.

Crossing the Jordan

with Keeley Baril

The final piece of our conversation with Keeley about her journey in trusting God with new things.

Part 4

Hearing Clearly

with Keeley Baril

Part three of our conversation with Keeley about her journey in hearing God's voice.

Part 3

Identity & Rhubarb

with Keeley Baril

Part two of our conversation with Keeley about coming out of hiding and into community.

Part 2

The Playground

with Keeley Baril

Jump into our conversation with Keeley Baril about her journey of discovering the will of God.

Part 1

Yielding & Surrender

with Jordhynn Guy

A look at our conversation with Jordhynn about the beauty of surrender, transition, and the love of God.

An awareness of God

with Croy Macatula

A conversation with Croy about his continuous discovery of God's heart for him and all of us.

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