Tithing & Projects

At UChurch we tithe because it acknowledges and reminds us that God is the author, source, and provider of all our means. When we physically give a small portion of our financial resources back to Him, we remember that He first gives all resources freely to us: our energy, our time, our talents, etc. He is a good father, and as we give to Him, He gives good things back. Trust and freedom grow deeper and deeper as we learn to give God both our money and our hearts.

To tithe to our church family, or to give to a larger ongoing project click below.


We believe that we are family on mission - to our neighbours, our city, our nation and the world. Sometimes that looks like a church plant, sometimes it takes us across boarders, and sometimes that looks like a family dinner - reaching out to students on our very own U of C campus.

To partner with our missionaries who are sent locally, nationally and internationally, click below.

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