An Evening with Mark Head - Understanding Heart Change

An Evening with Mark Head - Understanding Heart Change

This is a unique event initiated by Chad Cena! He’s invited Mark to share with the UChurch family. We asked Chad to share the story behind the invitation…

Thanks, Chad, for making this possible!

Hello Friends,

There has been a lot of change for me in the past years. The biggest one was entering fatherhood with the stillbirth of my daughter Emma. This experience had and continues to have, a profound effect on me. My friend, Mark Head, is one of the key people who helped me navigate this change. Some of you may know him from his previous role with Fatherheart Ministries (which he has now left to begin his ministry). I have invited Mark to come to Calgary to speak to us with the hope that we might all receive the help and insight that I received since the loss of Emma. He will do a short teaching, and we will then take questions from those present to engage directly with those areas we struggle to navigate.

I hope you can make it.

Regards, Chad Cena

Mark Head’s Bio:

Mark's passion is to see the reality of God's nature revealed to each heart. His gifting, insightful perspective and unique calling allows him to draw out of each person the life that is within them. He is known for his depth, energy, authenticity and humour. He's discovered how our hearts can now meet the Father's specific love for each of our specific needs - not only for healing but also for our growth. Mark has many years of experience leading in the local church, international Ministries and in business. He was in the senior leadership of Fatherheart Ministries for more than a decade and was the International Director till late 2021. He has spoken throughout the world in Asia, the Americas, Europe and Oceania with guest appearances on television and radio. Mark is married to Nikki and lives by the beach in New Zealand where he still gets to surf.