Rethinking Faith Conversations: Evangelism, Hospitality

Rethinking Faith Conversations: Evangelism, HospitalityRethinking Faith Conversations: Evangelism, Hospitality

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February 11, 2024

For some of you, this may be your first time hearing Greg, while others of us have known this God-graced communicator for a couple of decades. In a living room setting, Greg shares his understanding of biblical hospitality from his experience, study and, more importantly, how it plays out in real life.

“Hospitality is the most often mentioned good work in the New Testament… in the middle of God's heart is a spirit of hospitality.”

In this session, Greg offers some thoughts to ponder with open questions and mindful responses in a dialogue with those present.  In his transparent teaching style, Greg offers food to chew on – or, as he calls it – “a theory.”

“I burn out at least once a year. I get depressed for a month or two, and I don't function very well …. burnout is not a theory for me. It's something that I've lived through over and over and over again because I'm a slow learner. Here's my theory….”

Dr. Greg Mitchell is the Sr. Pastor of EN Vancouver, where he and his wife Debbie have raised three biological children and seven other children.  He contributes greatly to the EN Seminary with his passion for ‘Relational Theology’.

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