2022 Fresh Start – Making Space for God – Fasting & Listening Together


January 7, 2022

2022 Fresh Start – Making Space for God – Fasting & Listening Together

For a number of years now, after completing our Christmas season traditions, we have followed up with a New Year tradition of our own. As a community, as family we have invited one another to make space to engage with God personally and corporately by setting aside a week where we say no to certain comforts unique to each of us; food, gadgets, entertainment etc.  This allows us to spend extended time with God personally, and also enjoy connecting with others doing the same.

It has many benefits, but I confess, my two favourites may not be everyone else’s.  I am a bit of a wimp when it comes to comforts – I love the comforts we get to enjoy, and I know taking a breather from them is super good for me, but I find it a challenge to do it solo for longer stretches. Knowing I am doing it with others - it’s a great motivator for me to go further than I would alone.  The other benefit that has grown over the years has been a reality of peace, there has been the substance of peace that comes a few days into the week for me – hard to describe, but everything inside ‘settles’ and clarity with Abba becomes greater, sweeter and clearer.

We know Jesus had personal times of prayer and fasting with Father, and we later read in Acts that the young church (followers of the way) spent times of fasting and prayer corporately in order to hear and discern the spirits leading, it was the means for them to press past the weapons of mass distraction of their day in order to know the ‘way’. For us, going through the wilderness of the transition we are all in makes loads of sense to me as we listen for the ‘way through’ this season.

If you sense to participate, be completely free to use whatever guide or means that works for you. I know some are simply starting with a question, “What do I want to be different this year?” and then asking God to come into this, “show me the way”. Some find He reveals a word or a theme He has for them in the year. There are written guides as well.  This year our extended family (Every Nation) prepared a guide around the theme of “Abide” with a focus on the value of the written word of God.

One new thing this year that is very cool, there is also a family guide – designed for families with children between the ages of 4–12. It’s a cool tool for parents to help introduce children into family time where each day you can do some things together. Consider integrating what works for your family - make it your own. Take a peek, 25 pages you can print off.

Connecting Together – During the week, in the evenings there will be sometimes to connect with others – stay tuned to notifications.

Every Nation Canada Prayer Call - Online from 6 to 9 pm EST (4 - 7 pm MST). Check out the details.

Men's Zoom Call - Thursday @ 8 pm. Join the conversation.

Guide links:  

App via App Store or Google Play and the Bible App YouVersion, as well as in PDF and printed form.

Here is the guide that has been created for families.