Here’s an Invitation to take part in "1:1 Reach-Out"


November 22, 2023

Here’s an Invitation to take part in "1:1 Reach-Out"

Reach out to a neighbour, someone in your community, a co-worker, or someone you run into regularly at the park with the kids or when you’re out walking.

This initiative can include a combination of whoever is in your heart.

The ideas are limitless;  there are endless possibilities. In the weeks leading up to Christmas, invite the neighbour you intend to have over or invite that person you keep running into at the dog park for a coffee and chat. As a family, invite another family down the street to go sledding and back to your place for hot chocolate and cookies. It’s whatever you feel God has put into your heart to do, with whomever God has put on your heart to touch in some small way, someone who is not a part of our community.

We are offering an opportunity for anyone who would like to participate to spend an hour over lunch to pray for these initiatives and for those involved to be brave and take the step to reach out and love well.

Please join us to pray over Zoom on Thursday, November 30th, from 12-1 pm. You can use the link listed in this even to join this one-time prayer. Just click the link to join. We are excited and grateful to anyone who can take the time to join us for this prayer.