2022 Tax Receipts FAQ


February 26, 2023

2022 Tax Receipts FAQ

Hi UChurch! It's right.. tax receipt time ~

Please check your e-mail as your tax receipts have now been emailed. Unless you are one of those people who does not have an e-mail on file, and then we did put your tax receipt in the real postal system mail, so expect it in the next week or so.

Now this time of year we get a whole lot of questions... so we just ask that before you inquire, you read through these frequently asked questions in hopes that it will help you out before you need to call in for support.

If you read through these questions and they didn't solve your problem, feel free to e-mail us: giving@uchurch.ca. We will do our best to answer e-mails in a timely way, but our admin team is part time.

Alrighty... here we go: 

Q: So, you said it was e-mailed but... I don't see it in my e-mail.

A: If we had a quarter for every-time we had to answer this we would have a bucket full of quarters. First step: we suggest checking your spam folder. We don't know why, but sometimes it just lands there. We can't fix your spam folder for you, we can only tell you to try looking there. Then look through the inbox in any other email address you may have forgotten you used ;) If it is still not there and you are married, check your spouses e-mail and their spam folder. If you still cannot find it, e-mail us and we will confirm the email address we have on file, and send it to you again.

Q: I was looking at my receipt and it has my previous address... can I still use it or do you need to reprint it? 

A: Yup, people move, so this happens a lot! Tax receipts ARE STILL LEGITIMATE and can be used, even with a previous listed known address. So, you DO NOT need a reprint if your old address was known by the government. However, we do ask that if you have moved, you can e-mail us to update your address so for future years your address line up. If you really want your correct address for this year, you can e-mail us with your new address and request a reprint. If you do this, the first receipt you were sent will be void and you will be sent a new one with a new serial number.

Q: I was looking through the numbers and I am pretty sure I gave more than my receipt currently says. I think I am missing donations.

A: Totally get it. Sometimes we have an admin glitch and just code a gift wrong. Before you e-mail us, just collect the information (records, transactions numbers etc...) so we can go back in time and figure out where the gift got placed. Then, when you e-mail us, please include this information so we can be swift, efficient, and send you another receipt as soon as we can. Other times, the thing you may have given towards through UChurch was not a charitable gift (for example book sales or event registration).

Q: My spouse and I require a combined tax receipt instead of separate ones. What do we do?

A: Great question! We will have to do some internal administrative magic to merge the two receipts into one. Please e-mail us and let us know who you are married to. If you do this, the first receipt you were sent will be void and you will be sent a new one with a new serial number.

Q: Okay, I read these and you still didn't answer my question...

A: Must be a very tricky tax question. E-mail us and we will do our best to help you out.

Thanks so much family!