Are we there yet?!


February 12, 2023

Are we there yet?!

As kids, the more exciting the destination, the more we asked:

“Are we there yet?!”

UChurch has undoubtedly been on an adventure over the last while. Shifts and changes in the world, our hearts, and the UChurch community have left many wondering if we will ever actually ‘arrive’ at a place of clarity. So how will we gather, what are the rhythms, what are the priorities, and who are we as a family?

I’ve asked the question more than a handful of times, and I admit - sometimes even with a whiney touch.“Are we there yet!?”

While God lovingly reminds us that it’s about the journey and not the destination, we’ve collectively sensed the shift and anticipate that God is unfolding some new clarity in our midst. Our hearts want to be there and see it fully, but it’s just been taking shape on the horizon.

“Not far now.”

Along those lines, check out this message from January 15, in which we take the time to unpack the season we’ve been in as a church family and lay out some clarity as to what is forming on the horizon.