Come Up Higher


March 20, 2020

Come Up Higher

Beloved UChurch,

I am upon My throne. Come up and sit with Me to get a different perspective; My perspective of situations. Sitting up here allows you to hear the news of Heaven, to participate in what I am doing around the world. Of course, coming to sit up here upon My lap will remove the fear and silence the noise. Come. Abide in who I am and the outpouring of My love.  

As you gain My perspective, prepare for people coming, clear the way for them to come. You are a haven of healing, and I am readying your hearts to provide the supplies of Love. I am in the process of removing barriers of the heart such as fear, condemnation and self-righteousness. UChurch is a haven of My healing where people will come and encounter My love, peace, provision and kindness.

Continue to abide in Me, rest in the covering of My Love. As you love from a place of abiding, you will spread My love virus more effectively & globally than anything the enemy is trying to do.

Remember, My arms are wrapped around you, protecting you. Partner with me in anticipation and hope as an outpouring of My Love is beginning to happen.

- Rob Stobbe