Connection Points


December 4, 2020

Connection Points

How about a simple post to summarize some of the connection points I know about in UChurch these days. And why not a friendly plug for the website too!  It's where you'll find info on events, posts, stories and podcasts. There is a place to sign up for a mailing list (right here on the right....), though if you're reading this post in your email, I'm officially preaching to the choir on this point...

Well, suffice it to say that Covid has caused some giant shifts in how we gather. Smaller groups in homes and online seem to be at the forefront!


Here are some opportunities to gather online these days:

Adventure into Sonship Series: This series started in the summer, and after a brief hiatus, has now shifted to a midweek online teaching time that will draw upon guest presenters from around the globe. It will happen on some Wednesdays - we'll let you know both on the website and through our mailing list (which you can sign up for on the website). Check out the past ones on our Podcasts section.

Virtual Family Gathering: Well, for now, it's most Sundays at 11 AM. Sometimes the Zoom call is a group conversation for those who want to participate. Other times, one or a few people share and sometimes there are breakout groups. No two calls are the same... it all depends on who joins, and how God leads. You can connect into these by visiting the Gathering section.

Also, if you have joined us over Zoom, you may have noticed a shifting sea of faces. The beauty of online stuff is it has easily expanded boundaries. Those who consider UChurch family from all over the world are no longer limited from actually joining family gatherings...

Listening Prayer & Intercession: We have a monthly gathering time where we take the time to listen as a family. Many times we simply ask God a question, like what do you want to share with us this evening? Or, what are you saying to us right now? We listen, then share and pray as He leads. It's really fun to do this together with others. It's especially fun to discern together. In the next few times together, we will be making space for some teaching and learning as we go! Find out more about intercession here.

Lastly, we want to open the conversation to include you. Is there anything you would like to do to gather people online? Do you have an idea of gathering people? If there is something you would like to host online, feel free to get in touch.

Now what about in person...A tricky thing for obvious reasons. It is important to acknowledge and honour that there is diversity in our capacities to gather based on life circumstances, not to mention the shifting provincial guidelines and restrictions. Nonetheless, check out this post for some updates on in-person meeting spaces.

Happy Gathering,