Intercession Summary - Dec 4th 2019


February 23, 2020

 Intercession Summary - Dec 4th 2019

Do you remember the excitement and beauty of falling in love for the first time? Now is the time for UChurch to fall back into your first love. It’s a time of excitement and celebration - even My angels are celebrating with you!

As with any new romance, more and more about Me and my heart is being revealed to you in this season. As revelation grows, so does intimacy. We are growing closer than ever before, and I am enlarging spaces and territory in your hearts to love Me and love one another more (Isaiah 54).

Picture this time of ours together like a wedding: we are celebrating our deeper intimacy, but the celebration involves everyone - your whole community together! Like a collection of different brightly coloured bubbles, I am merging many unique people together. And like bubbles that keep multiplying, so is My love amongst you!

Imagine how out of place judgment, competition, or criticism would feel at a wedding celebration? In UChurch right now it is just the same: those judgments have no space. You are a community, led by the Trinity, living in freedom with open hearts towards one another. There is boundless grace and freedom to love everyone where they are at, without an urgency to ‘fix’ them or draw them back in. Like My sheep you are a carefree and loving flock. There are some who are outside the herd; simply encourage and love them where they are.

This celebration, led by My angels, is cultivating even greater intimacy and revelation amongst you. I see UChurch as a white marble spire, a fixed anchor point that draws others to it like a beacon. My angels are assigned closely to you.