Don't Throw Away Your Confidence


February 21, 2020

Don't Throw Away Your Confidence

For Amy Reding, creativity is revealed in the written word. That is why she spent the last 2+ years working with John Rohrer: a coach, friend, and prophetic evangelist who has poured into the UChurch family for many years.

Amy spent many hours sitting around a table with John, allowing the Holy Spirit to draw out rich, hilarious, and heartbreaking stories from his life. With the realization that Jesus spoke mostly in parables and stories, Amy recognized the power of anointed storytelling. Stories reveal what is in our hearts; they expose truths and lies, and they compel us to feel deeply. Jesus only said what the Father said, which led Amy to the conclusion that our Father is a storytelling God. Don’t Throw Away Your Confidence (Available on Amazon) is a collection of stories about God’s healing, redemption, and supernatural confidence, told through the life experiences of a true man of God.

To order her book, read more about it, or to follow along with Amy’s personal blog, check out her website here.