Farewell, UChurch app! Enjoy retirement.


August 7, 2021

Farewell, UChurch app! Enjoy retirement.

You may have noticed that the UChurch app hasn't been working very well, if at all. So it's time to say goodbye. We will no longer be communicating or updating the app with podcasts, events, or notifications.

I know the burning question on your mind is "But, how on earth will I know whats going on?"

Fear not....

We still have a lot of ways for you to get notifications when something is going on at UChurch.

The UChurch website (https://www.uchurch.ca) This is the main hub where you can find anything going on at UChurch - posts, events, podcasts, stories, resources, etc.

UChurch mailing list: You can always subscribe to our mailing list to get notifications when new events happen at UC. We only send emails for the larger things so you don't get spammed.

UChurch Telegram Notifications (https://t.me/uchurch) We use this channel to broadcast "everything" - events, posts, podcast links, major and minor announcements, questions, polls, etc. This is a broadcast channel which means that there are no conversations happening.

And we're wondering about resurrecting the UChurch Facebook Page... but not sure its worthwhile. How about we take a vote: Should we use the UChurch FB page to communicate? Let us know by writing a comment on the FaceBook page.