For the Men: 6 Week Wild at Heart Zoom Series


March 19, 2021

For the Men: 6 Week Wild at Heart Zoom Series


Lance here. I’ve been really feeling the weight of the restrictions these days and have felt isolated, frustrated and lonely at times. Anyone else? So it was really on my heart to facilitate a zoom group for men for a couple months based on the new Wild at Heart Experience videos by John Eldredge. Check it out all here at

Anyone who knows me well is aware that the man who has had the most affect with my personal walk with God is John Eldredge. He has taught me so much but mainly, that the heart is central and in sonship and we have a great place in the Grand Story as men. Many can lose heart in life; and, if we have, we need to get our hearts back.

I can tell you I've been on a life-long journey of getting my heart back for myself but also for living out the calling and adventure He has for me. I could say much more but I so value what He has done through his books and ministry.

We will be hosting a zoom group for 6 sessions based on the video series they have released. (And we will see where it goes from there). There are 6 x 20 minute video sessions based on the key themes of his book but the real gem is opening up the zoom group afterwards for discussion with anyone on the call. We will break it out into smaller groups if needed. And don't worry if you can't commit to 6 weeks in a row - if you can only pop in a few times - that is fine.

Here are the details for the next 2 months:

- Intro Session (no video; just chat): Wednesday, March 24th, 8:30pm

- Session 1: Thursday, April 1st, 8:30pm

- From then on will be THURSDAY nights at 8:30pm for 6 weeks. End time is 10pm at the latest.

Please save the dates on your calendar. Looking forward to it! Link will be posted in the Events section of our website.

(P.s. Ladies - they have a new series for women called "Captivating" as well you could go through. Check it out here ).