God is Speaking - A Word for Us All


February 21, 2020

God is Speaking - A Word for Us All

Words to read as you enter the week of consecration.

“In this I am glad, so share what you have written so that the others will know..... these words are not for you alone, but for all who are willing to listen".  

Hi Church,
As we prepare for the week of consecration, I wanted to pass along a prophetic stream of words  that  God gave to Croy a few weeks ago. He has been going to Rob & Donna's weekly group learning to 'hear God' and write what he hears. God let him know they were not for him alone.  Thanks Croy for sharing these...  So very encouraging !

I found taking the time to read this in a devotional heart posture was pure gold.

- Brant

Part 1

“I am the same God that parted the seas, the same God that cleansed the earth with the oceans, the same God that sent my son, the same God that protected David, the same God with which all the miracles were done. There is no division in the past and the present with what I came capable of, only a lack of faith. For in faith all these things are done, you must now rise above a worldly faith so that the same faith that let the blind see will also flow through you. Doubt plagues the heart as we place our faith in things only seen, but out of faith will rise a hope that goes beyond the doubt of the world.”

“The crevices of the heart that seem insurmountable are nothing in my eyes, for an ocean of love will wash over it and make it new. It must first come from a willingness to lay it down to me, so that I may take it from you and release the burden it has. For the life you have is a gift, and it is my desire to see it used to its’ fullest potential, this is my wish for all of you so that you may live and prosper through me. “

“In community you will walk together, to know the ups and downs and to navigate through them together. In this you will strengthen one another in times of need, and to further celebrate in times of joy in his deliverance. For the world will know who I am and through you they will see what I have done.”

“The distractions of the world take away from the words of life I whisper, it is in silence that you may be able to fully hear all that I have to say. In the higher mind (mind of Christ)you will always hear my voice and know the secrets I am speaking.

The very essence in knowing me is to realize how you are loved, and out of that love you will live a richer life that is beyond the world. To worry of worldly things is to be defined by them, but in this new body you have grown beyond the worries of the world. So, the same gifts and revelations that have been given to you are available to anyone else that wants them, it is in seeking me that they will come and in faith you will use them. Decide based out of life, not of the world for deciding of the world is devoid of life.

To write it makes it real, and it is out of faith that you should write so that you may share this to others so that they may have affirmation and revelation in their own faith so that they may grow also.

It is in the brokenness that you fill yourselves up with foolish things, as if to put salt on a wound that will never heal. In me the wound is restored in fullness so that you may live as if it never happened.

The internalization of my very being will provide life in the depths that you did not even know needed it. In operating out of the spirit you channel in my very being. Even in this new body the enemy is unrelenting for he loathes to see you in my presence for he knows he cannot enter. Through the world he will try, so that he may take you out of what is good. The awareness of how he works will also be shown if you are willing to listen, so that he may never enter your presence. In operating out of that awareness he will not be able to enter even your thoughts, for you will be filled with the spirit. In operating through the spirit, you deny him access and he is powerless.

Out of faith will come action so that I may be able to guide you in accordance to my will so that others may know me. The faith of a mustard seed to act will sow and reap a faith that will move mountains. An invitation to act will always be there for you to take, only if you are willing. In your willingness you will go forth and grow into the very shape and image I envisioned for you an eternity ago. Through this you will fulfill your destiny. These words are not for you alone, but for all who are willing to listen. They will know I am here. My very nature will be shown through all of you so that they may see I am good.

Those that do not know will judge me in accordance to the world, not realizing I am above the world. They will also judge you in accordance to the world, for they do not understand where you live from. It is in this time you will stand stronger in me so that you are not swept away. For the roots of faith that you plant will carry you through the toughest storm. And in this world death, you enter into eternal life. For the sadness in death comes in passing, as you are not able to share in their presence on this world but in just a short time you will see them again.

Let them all know me so that they may live forever. You will see the heart of all things in accordance to the spirit. To know the intent of others so that you will be able to discern the fruit of their spirit. In this you will be able to enhance your life and pass onto others what has been revealed.

Through the sharing of these revelations life will flow into places you did not even know. In this act of listening I have only shown you a fraction of what has yet to be revealed. If you are to listen to me, do it in all hours of your life so that you may know more of me. In conversation I will fully reveal myself to you and all that you can contain so that you may enrich your spirit. Act in accordance to your faith, one that is beyond the world and of me so that you may enjoy your life to the fullest. For enjoying out of a worldly pleasure is finite, but to enjoy out of life through the Lord is forever.

In this I am glad, so share what you have written so that the others will know.


Part 2

I know the end of all things. I was there at the beginning. These things I tell you are a reminder of who I am, and how much I love all of you. In moments of doubt, come find me so I may guide you out of it and into my arms. I am always here for you, even if you would condemn yourself a million times, I will be there to pick you up a billion more times. I have to enter so that I may restore you fully, for in that fullness will you operate so that you may through me be able to fill others up as well so that they may know of me.

The very essence of this is so that all may learn who they are loved by and that they are loved. For in this love you will rise above the afflictions of the Earth and see all your wounds mended. Do not strive, for in your striving you will see yourself weary. Come to me in rest and I will work through you miracles that move mountains in the hearts of many. For it is not physical mountains that need moving, but the ones of the heart that I will overcome. In the manifestation of the spirit will you see it realized in the physical realm for it reflects what has already been done.

The mind is slow to understand what the heart already knows, for in the heart there are things no earthly words can explain. It is in you experiencing my very being do you only begin to understand, and in this you cannot contain yourself as you celebrate what has been revealed to you. I only desire the best for my children and wish to see them live full lives through me. For in this world was not meant to be full of suffering, but it was to be full of life.

Listen and know my voice, for it will guide you through all things. In times of worldly chaos that would seek to deafen your ears, be still and you will find me speaking unto you the secrets of life. For in this heart of flesh you have known love, not of the world but of the father who so desires to share his love with you. Gone is the suffering and life you once lived, full of sin for in me you are made righteous and are above the world. In paradise you live a free life that does not know suffering. But all this comes in faith through believing what my son died for, for all of you so that you may be set free.

The words I speak I wish to share to all who would listen, and, in their listening, they would experience me and truly know who I am. As I will guide all my sheep to greener pastures so that they would flourish.

To assume that I am one who would punish you needlessly and work you like servants in my house is a false belief that operates out of a heart that is in the world. For those of the world they do not know of unconditional love, and they would try to contain me within the world to understand me through their minds. In this they are blind, and the secrets I have are lost to them for they also do not hear. Even if the mind is willing, until your heart is willing these things will not be known. Your heart will long to know me, even if you are not aware of it.

The emptiness that reaches into the very depth of your being is crying to be filled, and I am the only one who can fill it. For if you try to fill the void of your heart through worldly things you will see it empty. Out of that emptiness you will strive and find yourself weary. But in that weariness, I will come and fill you so that you may know what you were lacking.

Community is the cornerstone in which all life should flow. As you operate in me you will build each other up in revelation as I show myself to you so that you would all have a deeper understanding of who I am.

Realize that you must honour those that came before you, for they had paved the way for a space in which I could work in and show myself to them. For their work was not in vain as they operated in faith knowing that I would finish the work I had started. Faith in what has yet to come from the heart of a son that does not worry whether their father will provide will see that same faith answered one hundred-fold. For it is easy and mindless to place your faith in what is readily seen, but only place your faith in me for what is not yet seen so that I may place upon you a Godly hope to see that same faith answered.
The ability to listen and dictate what has been said here is not just for you alone, but for all who are willing to act through their faith and have it written.

I see that fear and doubt may sway you, even to the point you would feel despair as if I am not there, realize this is the work of the enemy who would with every fiber of his being wish for your to believe that from the bottom of your heart so that he may take you away from me. But know I will guard you with watchful eyes so that he may never enter. This awareness of the enemy is through the higher mind you now operate from, one that is beyond the world. In this mind you will hear me clearly, as I converse with you and pour life into your very being.

You will know the plans I have for you and those around you if you are willing to listen for them as well. Even for those that would rest in their faith and do nothing, I still work in them without their knowing and in time that faith will call them to action in accordance to my will.

In repentance you lift the burden that the sin would place on you, as it has already been forgiven. It is in the lifting of this burden that I will absolve you of any guilt or shame that would try to drag you down and let the enemy enter. In this you will be even more free to celebrate the works I have done and will do through you. Even if you were to run, I would chase you to the ends of the Earth and embrace you with open arms.

Upon knowing the revelations I have shown to you about my very being,  it is impossible to turn away, for to turn away would be to reject life and fall unto death once more. Even the hardest of hearts will fall away upon realization of my love, for it is the very essence with which all life flows. In your discerning heart you realize that even your own emotions may betray you, as you would see them influenced by the world and the circumstances you face. During these times lean not on yourself but further in me so that you would not be swept up by the world but by my arms. Come find me so that I may reveal to you the true desires of your heart, so that you would live out of them and see them fulfilled through me. For in seeing those desires realized through me would you see life flow and spread to others that do not know who I am.

With UChurch I am glad, for in community you have seen a deeper revelation that has been shown to you as you gather together to seek me. For in that seeking I have further opened your eyes so that you may see more of who I am and what I have yet to offer. Keep on this path so that all may know what I am doing through each one of you. Do not define yourselves of the world and see yourself caught up in the numbers of it all comparing one another. For in the heart you see yourselves comparing one another, would have envy enter and poison you. For it should be in a heart of celebration that you live from, realising the works that I have done and have yet to do. Let go these worldly expectations that you may have of me, so that I may take you into life and a living that does not know of such things. For in these worldly expectations do you operate out of good and evil and see yourself defined by them.

In life you would see yourself encouraged by one another on the unique journeys I am taking all of you on. Draw near to me always, for all the days of your life. So that you may live in accordance to my will and that you would have a life of freedom that is not of the world. See to it first that you have faith, and let it be the fire that would light your life and see yourself renewed in me. For in me you will never grow weary and will come to know eternity.