“I wonder if you realize how special you are” - Helene King.


November 8, 2021

“I wonder if you realize how special you are” - Helene King.

One of the greatest joys in our lives is having the opportunity to spend time with someone who has humbly journeyed through more things in life than we have been through ourselves. True eldership is a rare gift that comes from the realities of life’s journey, interwoven with the goodness of God, experienced over many decades. Helene King is one of these ‘gifts’. Most would refer to her as akin to being like a mother. She is well acquainted with the brokenness and pain of the human race, and as such, the love of God flows from her in real depth to all who come across her path. This message shared last week impacted all of us listening - it will encourage and inspire you to the amazing truths yet to be discovered regardless of age. She reminds us that chronological age is but an adventure to discover what she calls her true age, “I’m nine on the inside.”

I must offer an important caution. This is not one of those messages you listen to while managing other activities as you multitask a busy day. Instead, I suggest listening in a space where you are not multitasking to drink it all in like you would a gourmet meal.

Listen to Helene's Audio Message

If you are interested, she has a wonderful book, ‘Awakening To Awe and Wonder

“This book contains the ponderings of my heart which are sometimes difficult to explain because I believe that spiritual things are tasted before they are understood when words are often hard to find. I will describe my awakening to awe and wonder at the extravagant grace and love of God the Father.” – Helene