It's Been Really Good to Get Together


October 12, 2021

It's Been Really Good to Get Together

We've had five connection times in the last couple months... and they were so good after a year and a half of not being together. The most spoken line I have overheard was, 'it is so good to see you.

The circumstances in our world have stretched out longer than most of us ever imagined, and there is restless anticipation of the "new normal" will be. When we look back into the foundations of our faith, we discover we are not alone in navigating from the familiar into the new unknowns when events nudge us forward.

Abraham heard God calling him to leave that which was familiar – the writer of Hebrews describes this tentative transition: "Abraham left his home without knowing where he was going." The journey into the new is not one marked by fear but rather of anticipation. When you know the who is leading you is the God and Father of us all.

Love to have you join the conversation this Sunday.

Whats coming up...

This Sunday (Oct 3rd),

Brant will host a simple zoom gathering @ 10:30am for anyone who would like to join us as we share our transition and what is ahead. (Join the zoom call here)

Our next in-person gathering will be the Sunday, Oct 17th, at the Village.

Read the event details here

A quick poll regarding the Oct 17 (and any future) Sunday gatherings at the Village

While we do not plan to meet every Sunday, we are looking forward to seeing a rhythm of gathering develop. Maybe once a month? Maybe twice?... Time will tell. Of course there will be other times and places, but this question pertains to the opportunity we have at the Village.

The Village has become a great possibility for our corporate gatherings as it has a large capacity, something very helpful in this time of gathering restrictions.

At this point, the time slot from 4 - 9pm Sundays is available (other times are booked, including Fri/Sat and most evenings). This presents an obvious shift and we acknowledge it may be a tricky time for many.

However, we still want to take every opportunity to get together, and would love to hear your feedback about what time would be the best to start and finish the gathering within that reservation time.

You can read the details and fill out a short Poll here...

"If you have a vision to create a community, you will actually destroy it, but if you love people, community will naturally form around you." Detrick Bonhoeffer