Intercession Summary - Jan 22, 2020


February 23, 2020

Intercession Summary - Jan 22, 2020

My precious sons and daughters, I’m so overjoyed you are celebrating with me! I see you as one family, one community, and one tribe – you are all stepping into this revelation with me together. With that comes great intimacy, vulnerability, intuitiveness, unity, and a deep knowing of one another. My desire is that you would continue to become of ‘one heart and mind,’ unified and together, and ‘mature in oneness’ so the world will know my love (John 17:20-23 TPT). Make my joy complete by being ‘like-minded’ and walking together in the same love (Phil 2:1-5 TPT).

My kids, imagine we are all playing in a ball pit – you know the kind you played in as a child. The plastic toy balls are multicoloured and glowing – and I have picked them up and thrown them in the air. It doesn’t matter where they land – you are all in the ball pit with me – playing amongst them together. The colourful balls are my revelatory love. Continue to step in and play! The greater the revelation, the greater the joy. I have fun watching you play; and as you know Me more, your childlike joy also grows. The joy within you is contagious, and naturally, it will invite others to join the play.

As you enter into this love together, please lay down your winter clothes and ice picks because the season is changing. I know some of you have longed for a weather change, but remember that I determine the shifting of seasons. Do you feel it now? The warm breeze? It is coming! As you enter into this warmer, different season, do not fear that you won’t know the next step. I am unrolling in front of you a scroll – a blueprint of where I am drawing you next. It isn’t your typical instruction manual; instead, you must keep listening to my heart and you will read the blueprint perfectly. As you walk forward, others will join you – they desire to go where I am drawing you.