Movement With The Spirit


August 6, 2020

Movement With The Spirit

Following a time of monthly intercession, one of our family members heard this word of encouragement. We encourage you to take a moment to slow down, listen, and receive a word of encouragement.

Relax, I will speak to you.

Remember not too strain; My voice will come.

Beloved, sometimes I like just to sit. In the sitting, in the quiet, I just want to bless you with My presence. Sometimes in My presence, words are not required. Remember, you don't have to be productive all the time. Today, take a deep breath, sit back and feel Me move. Let me be productive while you rest.

Open your eyes to see and enjoy My movements. In watching My movements, you will see when to step into the dance. You are always included in the dance. There is always an opening to watch or to join in. You can learn by watching me dance as well as doing. Look for what I am doing, and let me reveal the movements to you before you join in.


I am preparing hearts, arranging appointments. The fullness of time is essential - remember if you show up too early, there will be no one to meet with. Now is the time to move in the flow of the Spirit. As you learn the flow of the Spirit, everything becomes "easy," "smooth," "effortless," and "without anxiety." I am revealing to UChurch how to move in the Spirit with me individually, together as a community, and then as a body. Soon, as a community, you will learn the movements of the Spirit and will be able to move this way as one.

It's like a school of fish moving in the ocean. Though individuals, they move together, ebbing and flowing to the current and movement of the water. There is a synchronization of the heart. Each fish is aware of each other's movement - allowing the movement of one to impact the other. As their awareness continues, each fish responds, however, the entire school will move and respond together.