March Intercession Update: UChurch Declarations For This Season


March 25, 2020

March Intercession Update: UChurch Declarations For This Season


In the name of Jesus, we speak the following things over our families, our friends, and our community during this pandemic. We declare that during this season prophetic words and discernment will be stirred up within our community, that creativity and innovation will thrive within sons and daughters. We are certain of our Sonship in Him. We declare that this will be a time for life to flow from the heart and not the head. We will learn to rest, to crawl up in Father’s lap and breathe in His nurturing love. We declare that we will know the boldness it takes to be asleep in the boat. We will be blessed to cross over into new areas of our hearts and experience a multiplication of His love.

We declare that the Father will fill us with peace and joy, even amidst the anxiety of the rest of the world; we will hear the laughter and joy flowing from heaven! We will eat from the tree of life, and harbour no fear of death. We declare that we will see healing, signs, wonders and miracles; an unveiling of heaven. We declare that Angels are watching over all that we do, that our inheritance is incorruptible, and that He has provision, freedom, and favour for us. Favour with our neighbours, our employers, our government, our city, and our health care system. We declare that UChurch will remain unharmed and unscathed. We will experience a revelation of greater intimacy in this time, with eyes to reveal and call love out in one another.