Me to We


March 20, 2020

Me to We

While on vacation in Hawaii recently, I experienced a dream where I was watching children at a playground. The dream started with each child playing individually on a swing, skipping rope etc. As I watched, I saw each one struggling on their own and no fun or joy was being experienced.

Then a little boy got off a teeter-totter and asked the little girl struggling on the swing if he could help her. He then proceeded to gently push her. Soon she was swinging with ease and they started to smile and laugh with each other. The other children playing witnessed this and they quickly jumped in to help each other out. Joy grew quickly!

In that moment of sleeping, I recognized that Heavenly Father was actually speaking to me. I then felt His comfort within my heart. Father told me that He can be a great mystery. He continued to share that He wants all His children to transform from a “me to we” way of living. He showed me that my "me to we" journey started with fully utilizing my gift of encouragement.

When I eventually woke up, I felt transformed, my heart felt so light. Simply, a shift had occurred in my heart and I am now noticing this shift in my daily life. Here are a few small examples:

While in Hawaii a loved one reached out and offered to buy some groceries for me for when I return. At the grocery store she picked up the last loaf of bread. As she continued to shop, she suddenly noticed a lady trying to take the bread from her cart. She joked half-heartedly about how she thought she might have to fight for the bread. Since she was shopping for me, I told her if this happens again, to let that person have the bread as they must need it more than I do, and I know how to make bread. As I made this choice, God showed me how this small act of kindness is an opportunity to create a shift in another person. Love and kindness always produce more love and kindness.

After I returned from vacation I called my elderly neighbours. Both were unwell before I left and wanted to check-in. The wife told me how happy she was to be feeling better and was looking forward to the ladies' bridge game on Wednesday. As we continued to catch up, I felt to ask if I could bake some bread for the ladies to enjoy. Her voice lit up with excitement and she took me up on the offer! This small gesture didn’t require much from me to do, but I could tell it was so appreciated. Honestly, it did so much for my spirits... I am still not sure who benefited more! Giving ourselves to others in the small things provides such amazing benefits to our hearts. I was like the little boy on the playground. To give IS to receive!

Since returning from Hawaii, I’ve been on the receiving end of many texts/emails/calls from so many expressing such kind offers of assistance. These small messages have touched me deeply. With the growing fear and anxiety over the global Covid-19 pandemic and returning early from vacation into a 14-day self-isolation, I find myself in total peace and gratitude of being given time and space to continue to rest and grow in the Father’s love, guidance and wisdom. These are no doubt challenging times for everyone but I encourage each of us to find the child playing alone and reach out to them. Heck, I’ll even share my toilet paper.

Much love to each of you, my dear and beloved brothers and sisters.

Barb Cox