So... What's Next?


November 13, 2020

So... What's Next?

So what's next for UChurch? ... I'm so glad you asked!

Last Sunday (and the one before), we waded into the waters of hosting an open house in person at The Village. We've been waiting on the Spirit's leading for how and when to gather in person - and these 2 weeks were a small yet significant chance to do so!

I know that many were unable to make it. In-person Sunday gathering routines have been eroded because we've not been able to gather. This, and the many considerations individuals and families need to weigh out in this covid reality factored in. But for those who did make it, it was lovely to see you in person. I said or heard the phrase: "So great to see you not on a screen," at least 10 times...

...and it's true! It was so rich to catch up in a way you can't necessarily do on-screen. I had fun catching up and touring a few people through The Village as a potential future meeting space for UChurch. (looking forward to sharing the story in more detail)

In conversation, the most fantastic question often came up: What's next for UChurch?

Now to be fair, this very question took on many forms: Are we going back to meeting regularly? Are we still doing church online? What about the university? Why the Village? How will we gather? When will we gather? What will it look like?

I love this question because I don't hear people asking it from a 'hurry-up-and-get-back-to-normal' viewpoint but from a genuine longing to be together.  I also hear the yearning to break free from patterns that weren't life-giving to give way for new life to flow.

This 'global pause,' as it's been called, has now turned into an ongoing shift of epic proportion. We know there's no going back to exactly how it was; we are in the place to choose how we will move forward. In it all, I sense that we are longing for Father's best in all of this, despite the unknown.

We know that God has all the answers and that there will be an unfolding of revelation as we continue in the adventure.

This being said, some things are becoming clear (yay clarity!) as it pertains to the shifts going on in our midst. There are some responses to this big question and some 'filling in' of the story that needs to take place.

In the next couple of weeks, whether on zoom or podcast, we'll take some time to share where God is leading us, His church, His family in this season.