Some thoughts as we prepare for the weeks ahead


March 14, 2020

Some thoughts as we prepare for the weeks ahead

Hello Everyone!

In the spirit of encouraging us in our faith AND keeping us informed (lots of misinformation out there) here is some info as we prepare for the weeks ahead.

To start, I’d encourage you to consult verified sites for updates and preventative measures. Here’s Canada's official response -  it’s important you don't give in to the hear-say or sources of information that are not verified.  

The greatest impact we’ll experience in the weeks to come is a shift to the way we normally socialize. A key reason for limiting social interactions is to slow down the possible impact on the most vulnerable (elderly with chronic health conditions and those with compromised immune systems).

Our primary motive for aligning with Canada’s recommendations is our love for those who may be vulnerable amongst us. God has always championed His people to walk in a manner responsible to those who are marginalized.  

Smaller gatherings are the simplest and easiest means to gather (still with some precautions). Not only is it easier to prepare for, but it is also an ideal way for us to 'be' the Church. Historically, the Church has been at its best when people are gathering in homes, in relationship, eating, praying and encouraging one another!

In UChurch, we have been led towards natural connection in one another’s homes for some time now… so you are encouraged, while seeking His wisdom, to take the opportunity to connect with others as you feel led.

Here are a few simple habits for hosting and spending time together in small groups at this time:

  1. If you’re sick or have any flu-like symptoms or if you have been to any location listed on the government link you should wait 14 days before you host or attend a group.
  2. For hosts: ensure all shared surfaces are disinfected before and after the meeting (light switches, door handles, counters, taps, etc.)  
  3. Wash hands thoroughly (more than 20 seconds) upon arrival and upon returning home. (Interesting fact I saw somewhere: men wash 50% less than women do! Come on, men... time to change some habits!)
  4. Serve any food and drink individually (no common dishes).
  5. Consider the distance between one another. This virus is not airborne - it’s found in droplets on surfaces that have been contaminated (from coughing or sneezing).  

These are simple, and may sound like overkill, but I believe that our love for one another goes the extra mile... "if someone asks you to go a mile, go for more; if someone needs you to wash your hands for 20 seconds, well, wash them for longer.”

Be the Church! Life flows when we get together. No disease, no war, no fear will stop the advancement of the Gospel and the building of God’s family on the earth. Stay in faith, stay in the Scriptures, stay in communication with Him and others, and let’s stay together trusting God for a speedy and safe resolution to this virus and its effects.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Have a great Sunday!