This upcoming Sunday and beyond...


March 25, 2020

This upcoming Sunday and beyond...

Hi Everyone,

We wanted to share a quick update regarding UChurch scheduled events and ways of connection during this unique time of social distancing. At this time, no one knows for sure how long the current measures to prohibit corporate gatherings will be in place. With that in mind, our team has been working to generate creative ideas of fostering community and connection within our family. Together we have a joy-filled adventure ahead of us as we learn to live life in this new normal. We will try lots of new things, explore creatively, take risks and laugh a lot. Despite current circumstances, we are excited about how God is moving in the midst of this. Let's explore together!

Just a quick admin update:

All current planned public events including Sunday Gatherings, Women's Night, Questions for Jesus... are all postponed until further notice. All events planned for the summer (A-School, Going Deeper, Conferences etc) are expected to be going ahead, so registration will be made for those soon.

We've also been doing our best to keep our website flowing with some great content: articles, intercession updates, contributions from the community and some awesome 'get to know the people in the family' stories. Please email if you have any ideas for the site!

Now, for the best news...we can still keep connection going! Although we are physically apart due to government and health regulations, we sense the Father drawing us to pursue spiritual closeness. Given the uniqueness of this season, we have some creative ideas forming that include some online resources and tools - and we sense they will help us to thrive spiritually in this "new normal". We understand that this may be new for some of you so we will do our best to find the most user-friendly options, but we do ask for your grace as we attempt to figure everything out.

This Sunday morning (March 22nd)

From 11:00 - 11:30, we will attempt our first attempt online service where you get to bring your own coffee! We'll post the link soon. We encourage you to gather the family and friends you're able to be with (one device per household) and join us for the adventure of online community.

Let's do this!

The Communications Team