Toilet Paper and Social Distancing - Loving Our Neighbours


March 18, 2020

Toilet Paper and Social Distancing - Loving Our Neighbours

Hello Everyone,

In a light hearted moment, Jen and I found ourselves counting up how many toilet paper rolls remained in our home - our first required TP census in 36 years of marriage! I found it wonderfully ironic that because of others panic, hoarding to appease their fear, I get to exercise my faith in God's goodness in something as small as rolled paper - He will provide! Maybe it's time to grow my faith and go paperless… I have heard the sales of bidets have been growing… and it does save trees!

By now we’ve all tapped into various sources to stay aware of the constantly emerging news locally, nationally and beyond. Each day, new measures are announced to slow the spread of the virus, and they will inevitably keep getting more stringent until the tide has turned.

Loving our neighbour has taken on a global response. It may be hard to imagine, but any temporary hardships in our adherence to the wisdom of social distancing is going to save lives. Check out this visual animation - it does a great job of showing how social distancing will save lives.

It's good to be reminded that this is not a time for fear to prevail - it’s a time to live as children of a wise, abundant, fearless, loving Father. I don’t think I’ve ever spent as much time in Psalm 91 as I have in the last 48 hours. Hearing Father’s promises to those who reside in Love is so good. I love news; I love knowing what’s going on, but over the years I’ve learned that seeing things from our Father’s perspective always delivers a much higher value when it comes to that which shakes my sense of security or peace.

Keep close to Him, everyone.