UChurch Summer: “re·ju·ve·nate”


July 9, 2022

UChurch Summer: “re·ju·ve·nate”

What a great word:

“To make young or youthful again: give new vigour to; to restore to an original or new state.”

If I had to pick one word to describe what I believe this summer is about, it would be ‘rejuvenate’. It’s different from words like renew, restore and refresh. When I heard ‘rejuvenate’ a few weeks ago, something clicked; I had not previously recognized that the root of ‘rejuvenate’ is ‘juvenile’ (meaning youthful).

Then it sank in.

God reminds us that full, authentic life comes from one focus:

“Seek first the kingdom of God, and all these other things will be added to you.”

“All these other things” is basically a full, abundant life), but the question is: how does one first seek the kingdom of God? Father and Jesus never leave us hanging; Jesus pulls no punches on this one and tells us point blank, “you need to rejuvenate, get juvenile, to become child-like”.

“I tell you the truth unless you change and become like little children (Juvenile), you cannot enter the kingdom of God”  Matt 18:3

During an extended time of listening prayer with some UChurch peeps a few weeks ago, we asked Father what he saw for the community this summer. What He shared with us made us giddy… It equated to those fond memories and feelings when we were children, finishing the school year and running into summertime without schedules and assignments. He told us to go ‘play’! Go rejuvenate! Become LIKE children.

So we are.

During July and August we will not be gathering at the Village, nor will we be doing any Sunday Zoom gatherings. We are all invited by our heavenly father to come out of hibernation and have a summer break!

Enjoy one another; knock on a friend's door, and ask if they want to come out and play. Find an adventure that invigorates you. Go outside; play, camp or bike;  jump in a puddle; host some campfires; jump in the river (be safe of course!); host a backyard picnic (UChurch has some barb-b-q’s and two new bouncy castles you can use); help a neighbour; host a party.  

If you want to plan an event and need some help getting the word out, let us know - we can post it on the website and send out an email to everyone.

We are most who we are when we are at play… and remember, strangers are just friends you have not met yet.

Have a wonderful summer everyone!