What's Happening Week of June 28th


June 28, 2020

What's Happening Week of June 28th
A quick newsletter to share what is happening Sunday and throughout this upcoming week.
Sunday Celebration | Sunday June 28th | 11:00am  | UChurch Website
This week we will ‘meet’ on the UChurch website. This is your chance to hear an encouraging word. (This photo is from a previous Sunday, since each Sunday is live. I cannot promise any of these people will be participating this Sunday.) No need for Facebook accounts or any other type of social media. Just go to the website. You can join from any desktop/laptop or smart device.

Sunday Community Tic-Tac | Sunday June 14th | 12:00pm - 1:00pm  | Zoom
Look at all these beautiful faces! Let’s hang out face to face!  We have been having a blast in connecting via our Zoom chat rooms. Grab your coffee and join us for our beloved tic-tac-time and so much more. You are welcome to come and go as you please. Note: Due to ZOOM's recent security concerns, all meetings require a password. To get your password, please download the UChurch app.

The Unraveling Series | Anytime | Stories on Website
If we asked where God is right now, most would be in agreement that He is in our midst.
Join us as we journey into the hearts and stories of our very own community members. This journey is not one of isolation and futility - we are heading to greater freedom and love than we have ever known. Our hope is that sharing our own stories will break down barriers of isolation and loneliness on the voyage. Our prayer is that reading these stories will unify us, excite us, and continue to push us closer to the arms of a loving Father.